Diploma Testimonial


I am Dilki Fernando, studied at Good Shepherd Convent Kandy. After I did my GCE O/L examination, my interest was to study about children and work with them. While I was searching for a recognized institute where I can learn about children, I came across an advertisement on the newspaper about the Modern Montessori International (Pvt) Ltd. I joined MMI at the age of 17. Since the day I joined MMI, I had a great time. The quality work and friendliness made me believe that what I have chosen is correct and perfect. It taught me not only about early childhood, but as well as the punctuality and quality of work. The course commenced for 1 year and I was the youngest of our batch. All my peers had a great time with the MMI curriculum and I should say that 420 hours of practicum made me realize that I am perfect for Montessori teaching.

First of all, I was afraid to talk with children and work with them. But MMI taught me how to become a potential teacher. It is great that MMI gives us a diploma certificate at the end of our examination, and an International Diploma certificate at the end of our practicum teaching. It’s so amazing. Now I have appointed as a Montessori teacher in a leading school in Kandy and this is because of the standard of MMI. It’s my responsibility to thank our course coordinator, lecturer, principal of MMI pre- school and the staff for giving such a wonderful course for the ones who are interested in Montessori teaching like me. I really admire the enthusiasm, friendliness, professionalism and quality of work.